Blissco Pomegranate Blueberry 2:1 Soft Chews

Soft Chews

Blissco’s 2:1 soft chews combine juicy blueberry with the unique sweetness of pomegranate to deliver a balanced experience. Made with pectin and cannabis isolate, each vegan friendly soft chew is infused with 5mg of CBD and 2.5mg of THC. Each package includes 4 soft chews, perfect for dosing and working into your daily wellness routine. Start with 1 soft chew and work your way up.

Tasting Notes

Pomegranate Blueberry


THC: 10mg per package (2.5mg per piece)

CBD: 20mg per package (5mg per piece)

Format: 4 pieces per package


White Granulated Sugar, Glucose, Water, Blueberry Juice Concentrate, Pectin, Citric acid, Trisodium citrate, Natural Pomegranate Flavour, Natural Blueberry Flavour, Cannabis Distillate, MCT Oil

How to consume:

These 2:1 CBD:THC soft chews are intended for oral ingestion and should be dosed accordingly. Start off with one chew and dose accordingly.

What are Edibles?

Edibles are different foods made with cannabis flower or concentrates. Edible cannabinoids are processed differently than inhaled cannabinoids. When cannabis is ingested, cannabinoids enter the bloodstream through the stomach and liver, which increases potency and delays the onset of effects. 

With advancements in the cannabis culinary arts and the availability of cannabis distillate, the cannabis market offers a selection of baked goods, beverages, cooking oils, chocolate and gummies that provide the desired effects of cannabis.

The benefit of consuming cannabis-infused edibles is being able to feel effects of cannabis without having to smoke flower or vaporize concentrates.