The Canadian Wellness Cannabis Brand

At Blissco, we are dedicated to providing premium cannabis products, education, support, and outstanding customer care. Blissco’s mission is to deliver innovative and quality assured, full spectrum cannabis products to the world.

Our Story

Blissco was founded in 2013 by Damian Kettlewell, but his roots in activism and healing go back much further. In 1995, Damian founded and ran Eco-Fest, an event which had an overall aim of protecting the environment. The successful event ran for six years and raised awareness about the clear-cutting in the Stoltmann Wilderness Area. In 1997, Damian created and ran Hemp Canada Day. In 2001, Damian became involved with the Vancouver and BC Green Party and worked closely with them for the next decade on climate justice initiatives. In 2011, Damian ended his political involvement to focus on his family, when he and his wife received the devastating news that their three-year-old daughter had leukemia. Once his daughter was successfully cancer-free three years later, Damian turned his attention to finding a career path that more closely aligned with his values of environmental stewardship, health, wellness, and personal well-being.


Our Commitment to the Earth

The seed of our company was planted from the innate desire to share nature with as many people as possible. We learned early on through the experiences of our own lives that nature has the ability to ground us and connect us to each other. Blissco is committed to sourcing packaging for our cannabis products that is the least harmful to our environment.